Ten Selected Books


Politics and Administration
in Nigeria.

London, Hutchinson University Library for Africa; Ibadan, Spectrum Books.
Reprinted in 1986, 1993,
1998, 2000, 2003 and 2004

Essays on Public Management,
Gender and Sub-National Governments.

Ibadan: Caligata Publishing Company Ltd.

(Guest Editor)
Publius: The Journal of Federalism

Special Issue on “Federalism in Nigeria: Toward federal democracy” Fall 1991, Volume 21, Number 4.

Whither Nigeria?
Directions for future development.

Ibadan: Caligata Publishing Company Ltd.

Sekou Toure’s

London, Methuen

Public Administration
in Africa

1999: (ed.)
Main Issues and Selected Country Studies. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press.
Paper Back edition in 2002 by Spectrum Books, Ibadan (reprinted in 2005); Ibadan: Evans Publishers, 2nd edition, 2011.

Re-Orienting Public Management in Africa: Selected Issues and Some Country Experiences.

Economic Research Working Paper No. 79.
Tunis: African Development Banks

Twenty Selected Journal Articles

2010: “The governors and the governed. Towards improved accountability for achieving good development performance,” Africa Review (New Delhi), Vol. 2, No. 2, 105-138

2005: “Nigerian federation at the crossroads: the way forward,” Publius, The Journal of Federalism, 35, 3, 383-405

2002: “Africa’s evolving career civil service systems: three challenges – state continuity, efficient service delivery and accountability” in International Review of Administrative Sciences, 68, 3, 373-387.  (The paper on which the article is based was presented at IASIA”s 2001 annual Conference and it won the first Pierre de Celles Award, named in honour of a former president of IASIA). (Also available in French).

1998. “Réflexions sur les relations entre politique et administration en Afrique,” Revue française d’administration publique, 88, 611-622.

1993: “A Note on Civil Service Personnel Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa,” The International Journal of Public Sector Management, 6, 3, 38-46.

1991: “Decentralization Policies: Problems and Perspectives,” Asian Journal of Public Administration, 13, 1, 67-92.

1991: (with John Kincaid), “The Federal Solution: Assessment and Prognosis for Nigeria and Africa,” Publius, The Journal of Federalism, 21, 4, 173-188.

1990: “Institutional Perspectives on Africa’s Development Crisis,” International Journal of Public Sector Management, 3, 2, 5-16.

1988: “Political Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa: From Giants to Dwarfs,” International Political Science Review, 9, 2, 95-106. (Also available in French – « Le leadership politique en Afrique noire: les nains après les géants »)

1985: “Relationship between Political and Career Officials in US Federal Government: An Outsider’s Viewpoint,” Indian Journal of Public Administration, New Delhi, XXXI, 2, 225-238.

1984: “The Idea of Local Government as a Third Tier of Government Revisited,” Quarterly Journal of Administration, Ife, 18, 3&4, 113-138.

1984: “The Nigerian Ombudsman Experience,” International Review of Administrative Sciences, Brussels, L, 3, 227-229. (Also available in French)

1981: “The Use of Social Science in Policy Analysis and Development in Nigeria,” Quarterly Journal of Administration, Ife, XV, 2, 163-181.

1979: “Introduction: A Tentative Profile of (Nigerian) Higher Civil Servants,” Quarterly Journal of Administration, Ife, XIII, 3&4, 191-194.

1978: (with O. M. Laleye), « Administration et développement au niveau local: l’expérience du Nigeria, 1960-1978, » Revue française d”administration publique, Paris, 571-596.

1976: “Towards Development-Oriented Bureaucracies in Africa,” International Review of Administrative Sciences, Brussels, XLII, 3, 257-265. (Also available in French)

1974: “Accountability and Control Measures in Public Bureaucracies: A Comparative Analysis of Anglophone and Francophone Africa,” International Review of Administrative Sciences, Brussels, L, 4, 307-321. Reprinted in an abridged form in Development Digest, XV, 4 (October 1977), 3-14. (Also available in French, Cahiers africains d”administration publique, 16, 1976).

1974: ‘’Some Aspects of the Study of Bureaucracy in New States,” The Greenhill Journal of Administration (Accra), 1, 3, 52 – 64.

1971: “Bureaucrats and the Senegalese Political Process,” The Journal of Modern African Studies, Cambridge, IX, 4, 543-559.

1969: “Politics and Administration in West Africa: The Guinean Model,” Journal of Administration Overseas, London, VIII, 4, 235-242. Reprinted in French in Ghana, Legon, June 1975.